What and Why

Some bike-specific accommodations are finally showing up north of Boston.

  1. We want to… Provide a cohesive framework for connecting projects. Transportation systems tend to be most useful when they’re connected and you can actually use them to get somewhere. By designating a small handful of preferred routes, we’re identifying high priority sections that need attention from the various municipal and state departments that cover planning, public works, and transportation.
  2. We want to… Explain why you benefit from better biking infrastructure even if you never ride a bike. At this point, we hope that every home owner and Realtor has caught onto the fact that having more people on bikes boosts property values, that every restaurant or retail business owner is aware of the data showing that having more bikers increases sales volume, that every city government official has seen the studies demonstrating that biking improves local economies, and that every driver appreciates the notion of having fewer cars in front of them. But we’re concerned that maybe not everyone gets it yet.
  3. We want to… Act as a resource for people who want to get around the area on a bike. We’re on these roads every day. Ask us questions. We can help.
  4. We want to… Encourage you to ride a bike. We need more friends out here. Come on. Join us.


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